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Belmont's DOGTOBER Day

On October 26, 2018 Belmont hosted a Dogtober Day in support of Assistance Dogs Australia.

In support of Dogtober, a month long celebration to recognise the efforts of Assistance Dogs Australia, Belmont rallied behind this great initiative to help raise much needed funds for our future super pups of Australia to  help people living with physical and mental disabilities. 

 Each Assistance Dog costs $35 000 to train over two years to meet the specific needs of each person living with a disability. To help support this very worthy cause and close to home charity, Belmont hosted a Dogtober Day to raise awareness and much needed funds.

On Friday October 26, 2018 Assistance Dogs Australia visited the hospital to provide a presentation for staff and patients informing the Belmont community about the services provided by Assistance Dogs Australia. We were also lucky enough to have the RSPCA visit with a litter of their furry friends.

The cumulative efforts of the hospitals 'Pupcake Sale' saw $210.00 raised towards training our Assistance Dogs.

Thank-you to all who participated in our houndraising initiative! For more information and to donate, visit

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