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Dr Lyndall White publishes article on Antidepressants in Pregnancy for O&G Magazine

Belmont Private Hospital’s Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Lyndall White is commended for her article on Antidepressants in Pregnancy in O&G Magazine’s recent Spring edition.

The ‘Mind Matters’ Issue of O&G Magazine addresses the vitally important subject of mental health. “It is gratifying to see such detailed examination of so many clinical conundrums in the issue”, writes President Professor Steve Robson of O&G Magazine.  

In her article, Dr White comments on the use of antidepressants in pregnancy and the subsequent impacts on women’s mental health. “More than half of women abruptly discontinue antidepressant medication upon confirming pregnancy, with up to 68% of these women suffering a relapse of depression, often occurring by the second trimester.” Dr White affirms, ‘‘the decision should be a balance between risk and benefit to the mother, fetus and, later, the infant.”  

Congratulations to Dr Lyndall White for sharing her insights on pregnancy and women’s mental health and her valuable contribution to O&G Magazine’s Spring edition. Click here to view Dr Lyndall White’s article in full.