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'One of the best Perinatal workshops I have been to for a while!'

The Brisbane Centre for Postnatal Disorders' (BCPND) latest Perinatal Mental Health Breakfast on July 19 was well received by healthcare professionals. 

Over 22 guests attended the CPD event, gaining further insight into BCPND's specialised services and therapies, and also participated in case study discussions.

The event provided a 'good overview of different presentations of postnatal depression' and 'clarification of what BCPND do, along with the diagnosis of perinatal disorders', and all attendees confirmed they'd recommend the event to their colleagues.

Further positive feedback from the event included:

  • 'Great presenters very knowledgeable'
  • 'Good overall picture of service'
  • 'Fantastic workshop'
  • 'Good use of question time'
  • 'Opportunity for more questions and discussion'
  • 'Loved the examples, plus presentations'
  • 'Enjoyed discussing the case study'
  • 'Relaxed, informal but informative setting'

This was BCPND's third perinatal mental health education event for health professionals this year. 

The next workshop will be held in November 2018, to coincide with PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression) Week.

If you are a health professional interested in attending Belmont Private Hospital's upcoming events: