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Memory and Ageing Seminar: What is normal and what is not?

Westfield Carindale updates their status with Memory and Ageing seminar.

On Wednesday 22 August, 2018 Westfield Carindale hosted a successful Memory and Ageing seminar presented by psychologist Gaye Foster from Belmont Private Hospital.

12 senior citizens from the community were in attendance and had the opportunity to discuss various topics surrounding senior mental health and strategies to help prevent memory loss and cognitive decline.

Feedback from the group was very positive with many also taking part in Carindale shopping Centre's indoor walking group.

Attendees stated they were 'interested in finding out ways to keep the mind active', with others seeking out further information about the Healthy Minds and Young at Heart day programs designed for older patients at Belmont.

Belmont is looking towards holding a similar workshop during Mental Health Week in October.

If you are interested in attending Belmont Private Hospital's upcoming events