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Belmont Private promotes active ageing for Queensland Seniors Week 2019

Queensland Seniors Week, held 17 – 26 August, 2019 provides the opportunity to promote positive community attitudes towards older people and ageing.

The nationally recognised week also facilitates community participation, enhances community connections, aligning with the Queensland Government’s vision of building age-friendly communities in Queensland.

To celebrate Queensland Seniors week this week, Belmont Private Hospital provided the ‘Carindale Seniors Walking Group’ with a breakfast pit stop/ hydration station.

With a warm welcome from our Seniors’ Walking Group, attendees enjoyed their morning stroll around the centre followed by a breakfast station and a Q&A with Belmont Private Hospital Psychiatrist; Catherine Benson.

With over 40 walkers in attendance, feedback from the group was strong with many reporting the morning as a ‘positive and informative mental start to their day.’

Catherine provided the walkers with an open discussion filled with tips and tricks on keeping the mind active and healthy as we age.

The Carindale Senior’s Walking Group have been exercising together for more than 20 years and meet three times per week at 7:30am before the centre opens to get in their morning exercise. Westfield Carindale facilitates the perfect walking arena for the elderly with access to a safe, flat, weather-proof air-conditioned trail for the group of seniors to take part.

Thank you to our Psychiatrist, Catherine Benson for presenting and providing our audience with an informative and engaging Q&A session and providing strategies to help prevent memory loss and cognitive decline.

A big thank you must also be extended to Westfield Carindale for inviting us to host the morning community event and our wonderful Carindale Seniors Walking Group for their attendance.

If you would like to get in contact with the Carindale Seniors Walking Group, please

  • Visit Carindale Connect or
  • Phone Stiven Kuss 0422 222 070
  • Email

Belmont Private Hospital regularly hosts events and seminars within the local community. If you are interested in attending any of Belmont Private Hospital's upcoming events