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Reset Your Mind for 2019

Belmont Private Hospital has extended its educational and therapeutic program offering to help patients reset their minds for 2019.

Do you need education on the skills and tools to manage your mental health? At Belmont, we offer a range of specialised programs, treatment options and mental health professionals who can help. Reset your mind and kick start 2019 with a positive outlook.

Access our specialised treatment for:

- Anxiety and Depression
- Perinatal mental health including dedicated inpatient mother and baby unit
- Older persons mental health
- Complex PTSD
- Also providing rTMS, a proven alternative to antidepressant medication treatment

Group Therapy

Group therapy, which is frequently overlooked as a therapeutic option, presents as a setting in which individuals are able to interact with a trained Therapist or Psychologist, with other people experiencing similar targeted problems.

Group therapy can be used in treatment of a variety of disorders ranging from anxiety to trauma and grief. As a less expensive option, group therapy may be used as an alternative to individual therapy, or as a supplemental treatment.

Our inpatient group therapy programs support recovery of patients with a wide range of mental health needs. Each unit in Belmont Private Hospital has a program designed to meet the needs of that patient population.

Click here to learn more about our extensive group therapy offerings. For more information on the specialty services provided at Belmont, please click here.

For any further enquiries,  please call our dedicated Admissions and Assessment team on 1800 700 274 .

Our admissions staff will co-ordinate the allocation of a Psychiatrist and conduct a health fund check for you.