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What Leaders Know, an insightful podcast with CEO Mary Williams

Listen in as Mary shares her journey towards leadership in the mental health sector and passion for Perinatal Mental Health

Presented by leadership coach, Penny Beeston, the 'What Leaders Know' podcast takes you into the lived experience of accomplished leaders. Her series; What Leaders Know delves into conversations with leaders who share their drivers, aspirations, challenges and insights.

Mary Williams, CEO of Belmont Private Hospital recently sat down with Penny to discuss her journey to being appointed CEO and what it means to being a leader in the mental health space.

In this conversation, there is a strong thread of wisdom and insight gained through decades of experience that has listeners leaning in to learn more.


Mary shares pragmatic and empathetic insights into leading a private mental health hospital delivering high quality services to people when they are most vulnerable. And….she puts heaps of myths to bed around Postnatal Depression.

While Belmont Private Hospital serves the needs of patients with a broad range of mental health conditions, it is in this episode that Mary explores leadership in the area of perinatal mental health and shares her experience working to improve the lives of women experiencing Perinatal Mental Health Disorders.

Click here to view Mary's interview in full.

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