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Staff stories: An insight into being a trauma nurse

Hear from Shannan as she shares her experience working in Belmont Private Hospital's Trauma and Dissociation Unit; Australia’s first dedicated unit to treat dissociative disorders.

My profession as a mental health nurse encompasses a scope of practice that is both challenging and highly satisfying. TDU is lucky to have a dedicated team of Doctors, Nurses and allied health professionals.

We work together to provide holistic and well-rounded care and programs. I have the privilege of working alongside individuals who display great determination. This, along with numerous traits of strength displayed by my patients, provides me with the passion and drive to deliver optimum care. This in turn facilitates recovery and improves consumer’s quality of life.

This has also provided me with an opportunity to further my own professional development. I look forward to continuing to work with our consumers and learning from them moving forward.

One of the prime objectives and goals on TDU, is to create and implement successful trauma informed care to our consumers. We are constantly evolving within our practice and endeavor to provide a conducive environment for our clients; to provide and teach skills they can utilise following discharge.

TDU has an exciting future ahead, and our aim is to empower a community to work together, to continue to develop a comprehensive trauma program in collaboration with our consumers. TDU is a challenging yet empowering environment and together we learn, teach and support one another.

As a team we look forward to our continued supportive patient centred care.

Learn more about Belmont Private Hospital's Trauma and Dissociation Unit, visit our specialties page of our website.

Since commencing my role as a level 2 TDU Nurse, I have engaged in providing education to our consumers through an in-depth and holistic approach to recovery.
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Trauma and Dissociation Unit Nurse