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Our team of Psychiatrists, Medical, Nursing and Allied Health professionals provide expert care to manage and treat mental health disorders.

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Our facility is designed to deliver care in the least restrictive manner. This allows patients to feel relaxed and comfortable, with patient safety our first priority.

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30 Credentialed Psychiatrists
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30 Group Therapy Programs
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150 Hospital Beds

Patient Stories

We always welcome feedback about the care we provide our patients.

“I suffered with postnatal depression, and was saved by the wonderful staff at Brisbane Centre for Postnatal Disorders who not only helped to put me back together, but also taught me some amazing skills that I wish I'd been taught many years earlier.”
- Claire
Brisbane Centre for Postnatal Disorders patient
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Latest news

'One of the best Perinatal workshops I have been to for a while!'

The Brisbane Centre for Postnatal Disorders' (BCPND) latest Perinatal Mental Health Breakfast on July 19 was well received by healthcare professionals. 

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Suicide prevention roadshow to reduce growing suicide statistic

The May 31 Brisbane leg of Healthe Care's "Working with Suicide and Suicidal Ideation" roadshow saw 100 Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Health Professionals gather to discuss suicidal ideation, mental illness, intervention and critical support for people who are suicidal.

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Healthe Care alongside Apple and Virgin as the most desirable place Australians want to work

Healthe Care has been voted, via an independent survey of over 9,500 Australians, the 14th best company to work for in Australia.…. very exciting news!

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Magnetism and the Mind GP event a success

On 19 April, we hosted another successful mental health education evening for GPs, with a demonstration of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) and a tour of our rTMS suite.

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