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R U OK? Day Community Events

On Thursday September 13, 2018 Belmont hosted two community events in support of R U OK? Day.


In support of R U OK? Day, Australia's national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that any day is the day to ask, “Are you ok?”, Belmont Private Hospital hosted two key events within the community.

On Thursday September 13, 2018 Dr Daniel Wysoczanski presented at a breakfast meeting for a panel of 20 Griffith University staff on 'Managing your Mental Health: A Psychiatrists Thoughts.'

The response received was very positive with Head of Counselling, Jonathan Munro commending Healthe Care and Belmont Private Hospital for their continual support and commitment towards the Griffith University community. The collaborative Allianz and Healthe Care agreement was also received well from staff with many providing positive feedback.

During the Griffith University Market Day, Belmont hosted a stall to raise awareness surrounding mental health and the array of treatment services and facilities provided at Belmont Private Hospital for people suffering from various mental illness'.  

Belmont Private Hospital regularly hosts events within the community, as well as RACGP approved education events for health professionals, with points now applied for the RACGP 2017-2019 Triennium.

If you are interested in attending Belmont Private Hospital's upcoming events

Griffith University Mental Health StandBreakfast presentation by Dr Daniel Wysoczanski