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20 Mentally Healthy Tips to Practice in 2020

With 2020 set to be a year of significant transition and change for everyone, we are sharing advice on what you can do to prevent stress and manage change.

Each new year presents a new view on life, perspectives and goals for the year ahead. It allows us to realign and reclaim the positive. During this time it's important to remember to be kind to oneself, set realistic goals and recognise our successes.

When it comes to goal setting this year, why not try committing yourself to setting aside some time each day to “shutting down” and doing something for yourself that helps you rest and recharge your mental and emotional batteries.


Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start?

Here are twenty New Year’s tips to help manage your mental health in 2020:

1. Show compassion
2. Stay connected
3. Keep active and exercise regularly
4. Look outwards
5. Take proactive steps to support good mental health
6. Make time each day for something you really enjoy
7. Mind your sleep and remember to get at least 7-9 hours per night
8. Incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine
9. Start a journal
10. Fuel your body with a positive mindset
11. Reconnect with friends or family
12. Learn a new craft or skill
13. Stay in touch with nature – commit to talking a short walk outdoors each day
14. Spring clean your social media apps
15. Consider taking a break from social media
16. Be kind and don’t be too hard on yourself
17. Choose healthy diet alternatives
18. Practice self-care daily
19. Take up a new hobby with a friend
20. Don’t be afraid to get help

Fuel your body and mind with healthy options this new year. Belmont Private Hospital offers an extensive range of group therapy programs. For more information on the specialty services we provide, please click here.