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$21 million Belmont Private Hospital expansion, expanding mental health treatment options in Queensland

Northwest Healthcare Properties Management (“Northwest”), through its NZX-listed fund, Vital Healthcare Property Trust, and Aurora Healthcare Australia (“Aurora”) are pleased to announce the official opening of the ~$21 million hospital expansion at Belmont Private Hospital (“Belmont”) in Brisbane, increasing the beds available to mental health patients by 20% and bringing the total to 185 beds.

The opening of the Belmont Private Hospital expansion will increase the number of overnight stays for mental health patients per year by over 12,000, to a total of 58,000 overnight stays in 2024. This marks a significant development in the treatment of mental health in Australia, with demand for treatment exceeding available supply, making Belmont one of the largest private mental health hospitals in the country and now, one of the only facilities that specialises in mental health treatment across ages – from its new Young Adult and Adolescent Unit to its Older Adult Mental Health Unit. This development is consistent with Northwest’s long-term commitment to increase critical mental healthcare infrastructure across the region, with the demand for mental health treatment growing exponentially since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The expansion sees Belmont open a new, dedicated 24-bed combined Perinatal and Women’s Unit and a new 10-bed Young Adult and Adolescent Unit. These sub-specialities are in high demand in Brisbane, and the new dedicated units offer the region greater access to specialist mental health care.

The expansion also delivers a refurbished Trauma and Dissociation Unit and adds a further 12 beds to the Older Adult Mental Health Unit, to a combined total of 185 beds across Belmont Private Hospital. Along with increasing inpatient capacity in women’s mental health, young adult mental health, older persons’ mental health and complex trauma, the redevelopment also creates 14 additional specialist consulting suites, 10 new therapy group rooms (for both day patient program expansion and inpatient therapy use) and 70 new carpark spaces over three levels.

Northwest is the largest healthcare real estate owner, manager and developer (for long term ownership) in Australia and New Zealand, and specialises in the development of market-leading healthcare precincts and facilities to deliver a range of critical health services to local communities. Aurora is the nation’s largest speciality private mental health provider with more than 1500 beds across 16 facilities.

Northwest Executive Director Chris Adams said: “We are proud to mark this important occasion alongside our partner Aurora, with the $21 million expansion at Belmont Private Hospital completed and now open to treat patients from Brisbane and beyond. We have a strong commitment to increasing Australians’ access to mental health care services and are particularly proud that this will make Belmont, the largest private mental health hospital in Queensland, one of the largest private mental health hospitals in Australia.

“Mental health remains a materially under-serviced sector of the Australian healthcare industry and the provision of high-quality treatment facilities for mental health patients is increasingly critical. Belmont Private Hospital has experienced consistent, significant demand for critical mental health services, and Northwest is pleased to partner with Aurora to help meet this demand by increasing Belmont’s capacity to around 58,000 overnight stays per year from 2024, as well as creating new opportunities for sub-speciality services.”

Aurora Healthcare Australia Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Julia Strickland-Bellamy said: “We are delighted to see the completion of the final extension to Belmont Private Hospital.
“The hospital is also celebrating 50 years of operation this year, which is a remarkable milestone that speaks volumes about Belmont Private Hospital's dedication to providing high-quality care. The addition of this extension further solidifies the hospital's commitment to delivering the best mental health care across different age spectrums with the highest level of expertise.
“This achievement reflects the hard work, dedication, and passion of the entire team at Belmont Private Hospital. It's a testament to their enduring commitment to improving the health and well-being of the Brisbane community.”

Australia-wide, Aurora has committed to significantly investing in expanded and innovative private mental health inpatient, day patient and outpatient services and facilities to meet unmet demand. The company is focussed on broadening access to general and sub specialty mental health care which delivers on value, patient experience, community needs and clinical excellence.